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Events are the key to success – so join us at the Elite Seminar! Become part of this spectacular event together with thousands of other Marketers and get new motivation and perspectives to break down habitual ways of thinking and grow beyond yourself.

After many years in business, I can tell you that events are true gamechangers. They are perfect for boosting your motivation and success. You can strengthen your network incredibly, bond with your team and experience a breakthrough in your career. So, get your ticket and don't miss the Lyconet event of the year.

Hubert Freidl, Founder

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Why attend the Elite Seminar?

The biggest Lyconet event of the year is not only about an enormous entertainment. It offers you an incredible number of opportunities to boost your business, to benefit from coaching experts, and to exchange ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs. At the Elite Seminar, you can look forward to:

  • Coaching – strengthening and expanding leadership skills

  • Networking – creating great ideas together

  • Inspiration – using inspiration as the key to success

  • Motivation – focusing energy and using it efficiently

Preliminary program

Friday, 27.09.2024
Saturday, 28.09.2024

10:30 am - 08:00 pm 
​​10:30 am - 06:00 pm 

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Inspiration is the key to success – and not just for your business. Benefit from the experiences of successful personalities and be inspired by their ambition to realize your own wishes, dreams, and goals. Look forward to many interesting speakers and get the most out of it for yourself!

If you find your ‘why’ or reason to become successful, a fire inside of you starts burning, which fuels your will, strength, and energy to put hard work and passion into what you are doing.

Stefania Lo Gatto, Italian network marketing trainer and international speaker

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At the Elite Seminar in Budapest, an enormous entertainment awaits you. International artists will raise the roof of the MVM Dome. Experience an impressive and unique atmosphere at the Elite Seminar 2024. Get ready for an unforgettable journey to the world of music and experience well-known artists live!


Event Balance

At this year’s Elite Seminar in Budapest, we will do something nobody has ever done before. There will be the very first Event Balance. Everyone with a Golden Ticket gets a Unit for it. This means that everybody who has a Golden Ticket and is at the Elite Seminar can get a commission – live at the event. We expect to pay out up to 1 million euro in commission. You and your team can secure a share of that. So, make sure that many Marketers from your team are there. More Marketer at the event, more success for you next year!


Join thousands who have already booked their Elite Seminar accommodation on travelWorld to benefit from the best prices and 12% Cashback Deals on all properties in Budapest.

Highlights 2023

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Get your Ticket!

Do you want to learn tips and tricks on how to be even more successful in network marketing? Do you want to make new contacts and expand your network? Then get your Golden Ticket for the Elite Seminar in Budapest now! On top of that, you will also receive a Unit for a new National Balance and a Unit for the unique Event Balance. What are you waiting for?

Event Location

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